Facing Extinction

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Today is three days after I had yet another life changing event happen to me personally that only reinforced the direction my life was already on.

The controversy surrounding the impending release of my new film, the lawsuits, the accusations, and the finger pointing has accelerated a conversation I was hoping to start in the first place. So this is good, not necessarily for me, but for the movement in question. I do not pretend to speak for the eco movement as others do, but I do speak for me, and I have about as much experience in this field as anyone, so here goes!

The conversation is: with 390 billion dollars being spent in 2016 on environmental causes alone, are we really accomplishing anything? Great media and pretty pictures for sure, but this is serious money folks, and where is it going? Lawyers, fund-raisers, lobbyists, politicians? Yes.  I realize that many more good hearted individuals are employed in green employment every year, and we all get to feel good saving the earth, but are the seas getting any better? Is the present strategy of bigger and better working? I say no.

Back in the day while Captain Watson was bad mouthing Greenpeace, and Greenpeace was calling us terrorists… When asked, I would say that every single one of the activists I meet on the front lines actually putting their tails where their mouths are, are all the same. We don’t give a stuff about groups… We fought the fight because it was the right thing to do while the bureaucrats ate expensive dinners, rented helicopters for photo shoots, and bragged about how much good “the public’s” money was doing…  This is upside down!

I have observed this time and time again during my 40 years of front line eco-activism. I often spoke out against it, but being a mere volunteer, no one listened. Today we earthlings are approaching an extinction cliff… Time is becoming critical and we now more then ever need to really look hard at our selves as dedicated individuals, not sheep. We need to get past all the cult hero worship and corporate logos, and get back to what is important… the oceans.

Governments and corporations are the problem, and if we become them by putting corporate brands, government deals, and assets ahead of the mission, we have lost already. Individuals change things and we must now stand up as individuals with our money and take the actions the brave eco-corporations refuse to do. If they continue to refuse, it is they who will become irrelevant.

This became all the more clear Monday night. As I was tossing my young grand children into a van and escaping the “Thomas Fire” in Ventura a mere few hundreds yards from a 100 foot high wall of flame racing toward us at what the fire department estimates… at a football field every second… “breathe Peter”… Numerous humans, neighbors that I didn’t know were there helping one another out. It was the worst of what you saw on TV… This night, they were all in, and although property was lost, we all survived. Now this was my daughter’s house, and I was only visiting while cleaning up my present legal mess in Los Angeles, but I had heard many of these people really didn’t like one another. They had past battles over property lines and water rights, etc. I had heard fences went up and nobody talked much. But Monday night, faced with a crisis of unbelievable proportions, they all chipped in helping others they didn’t even know while as their own houses burned.  By morning as the fire was making International news, everyone in this community had lost something.

After my family was safe, only then did I go back in to not only try to save what I could from my daughter’s house, but more importantly to help the others who were there for me the night before.  We can all learn from this:

THIS IS WHAT ALL ACTIVISTS SHOULD DO! Forget the minor BS battles over territory or bragging rights. Drop all the pretensions and demand that your organizations grow up. Solve problems, not create dramas.  Much like facing that fire was to a small group of strangers on a local scale, the impending collapse of our eco-systems world-wide is to all humanity on a large scale.  WE ARE FACING THE 100 foot WALL OF EXTINCTION… and it’s coming a football field a second… Wake up and be pro-active.

We survived that night through co-operation, and a common cause. If eco-corporations continue their childish rivalries, we should dump them all and start again. We don’t need eco-corporations and fancy uniforms…  we need grassroots activism. 

I have lost little compared to what the earth loses every second. Let’s act now while there is still some bio-diversity and wilderness left.  Focus on the bad guys, not those of us fighting for the same cause. I might never again agree with the Sea Shepherd Society, a group I have been involved with for many years, but I will support their positive individual efforts in the field. 

Every individual needs to look inside him or herself and make their own decision.  I have made mine. I hope you will join me, it is our future too.

Participation for all.

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As another DONATION TUESDAY comes and goes, I hope everyone who donated to NGOs really thought about where their money was going, and how it was being used. I was asked by a couple of moms with kids about how I thought it best to teach giving to their kids. The answer was easy. I suggested they only give their time not money, and only to causes close to their hearts. There are many programs close by to where everyone lives that can use a few hours from a young person. Both cause and kid benefit.

Even cleaning up your local environment or helping out at an old folks home brings you in touch with reality, and if you are lucky, nature. These are all things that modern culture is lacking in the smart phone world. Kids watch things get done! Kids can easily listen to their favorite music, and with a swipe of their finger donate cash to any number of different causes. Have they ever really helped clear flood damage, fight a major fire, or face a real disaster? Today much of their experience is viewed safely on the screen.  I feel there is something learned by real experience. Go for it! Jump in…! The old saying that if it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger is a mantra I follow.

I film whales and I will tell you there is a world of difference between experiencing a real whale and viewing beautiful film. There is a presence that one can only feel being in touch with the earth. Smart phones, no matter how cool, do not do that.

So instead of writing out a check for an ego-corporation with the glossy brochure, think local. Even better, get off your ass and walk to a local shelter, wildlife station, or where ever and write the check. When that’s done, why not spend a few hours shoveling shit or packing disaster supplies… it will be good for you.

Donation Tuesday

With the Thanksgiving holiday in the rear view mirror, I, like others, must continue to look to the future no matter how easy it is to get mired in the past. There is still so much environmental work to do. 

As DONATION TUESDAY approaches I will be looking for local grassroots organizations and individuals to help. The more I delve into the murky politics and finances of eco corporations, the more I think Doug Tompkins had it right. When humanity hits a cliff in our development… we can blindly step off the cliff using old philosophies or turn 180 degrees and continue stepping forward. Back to the future so to speak.

It is important to think where your resources and talents can best be put to a positive use for the planet. When you are stopped by fear and indecision, move forward to make this world a better place.

No matter the obstacles I will be with you front and center. The time is now and we must take back the fight.  When avenues for success are closed down, look for new ways and avenues for success. Looking back at the many actions I’ve been involved in, I have always found some humanity in the other side. The bad guys are not always so bad. Often ignorance and misunderstandings are the thorns that will not allow compromise and understanding on either side.

In the future, I am hoping to open up dialogue with anyone, the Japanese included… I will offer ways to step back from the cliff. THE TIME IS NOW and it is up to individuals to take the lead. Stay strong and true. Remember when Pandora’s box is open, all the sins of the world escape… at the very bottom remains hope. I remain hopeful. Keep up the fight for wild oceans.



As many of you know, I’ve been working on a film for the last few years as a sequel to CONFESSIONS OF AN ECO-TERRORIST. The original film did extremely well to direct dialogue to the “T” word being thrown around at activists like sexual misconduct accusations are today.  Hey, I was known as the eco-monk, so I have absolutely no issues there… Thank god.

Now for the subject at hand…How it all began

I’ve been involved with ocean conservation since I was a child on Cape Cod, and after I moved to California as a TV Producer and Director, I felt myself so very lucky to hook up with Paul Watson, Al Johnson, and Bob Hunter… all early eco-activists, who I immediately joined up with to essentially help create what is known as the modern day environmental movement. This was 1981.  As a Producer for the number one rated NBC television program at the time, I was a perfect fit for a small group of activists hoping to save the oceans. Hell, we were there for the birth of the media world of the modern era.

By then, Paul Watson had recently left Greenpeace under some minor rule violation, thrown out by a lawyer scared by his activism. He claims the lawyer said: “You obviously do not know what Greenpeace is all about!” Therefore, Paul formed Sea Shepherd (SSCS) to be able to stay active, as was his claim, and I believe him.  Let’s face it, lawyers are like bad parents, just there to tell you why not to do things and why to abide by a bunch of stupid rules that may or may not make any sense whatsoever.  I was told Sea Shepherd’s Rule #1 was: No lawyers on the board of directors. The second rule that won me over was: You had to have gone on a campaign to be eligible as a director. My “active” participation was ignored by my boss, entertainment legend George Schlatter, and by the way, the man is an unknown eco-hero in his own right. George ran the first major “hero” piece on SSCS in the early 1980s.

Big deal you say? Back then 40-50 million people watched every week. George put Paul on twice and brought him on live both times. This was a huge deal, and an example of how things worked back then, and it certainly put Greenpeace in its place.

I actually got “busted” covering Paul in Japan in 1981 for George. This is a story for another day, but I became hooked at that point, and for good. It was very clear to me how useful my services could be for the growing cause of conservation.

I was very heavily involved in many of the early campaigns, and handled all media with a photographer named Mark Gaede. Gaede bought the first T-shirts, we both bought flags,  and the rest is history.

Rogue Waves and Shifting Tides Within the Organization – The Beginnings of Betrayal

 I resigned from the Board of Directors in 1992 along with directors Sue Rodrigues-Pasture and Myra Finkelstein when the good Captain decided he wanted to pay his then girlfriend, Lisa De Stephano. None of us could see Lisa’s talents, and we were in 100% agreement. Furthermore, what exactly was she going to be paid for and why was this crucial money being directed this way?  Paul was adamant. We all three said goodbye.  

I attribute this day to my never being “all-in” again.

This director’s meeting was held at Nat’s Café in Santa Monica, California.  Sea Shepherd was all-volunteer at that time. In fact, many volunteers in those days would pay their way to get involved and donate to the cause.

Now, as a pragmatist, I understand basic pay for services, but I also believe the fight can’t be taken to the enemy without “nothing to lose” activists. In my many decades as an environmental activist and conservationist, I have learned there is a major difference between the passion of a true activist and the job of a paid employee. Back in the day, offices like SSCS maintains today they were for Greenpeace. They still are.

Still, I was as dedicated as I always had been to issues. I spent the next many years on my mission to save the oceans. I often say in my talks that I’ve been thrown out of the SSCS organization 4 times, until I finally officially resigned this summer. All true, and great stories for later…

I continued to help Paul with campaigns I thought important.  My position with SSCS has been spotty, but Paul was like a brother. Looking back, a rather shitty brother… as he never once stood up for me, even when he, and many others knew I was right. A man who does not have his brother’s back… is no real man, but…

How could I take it, you might ask?

Well I think if you research my history in the eco-movement, you’ll find me animal and issue-oriented. I could give a damn about the politics of this group or that. I called a spade a spade and tried to win for the oceans, for the animals, for the environment, and for us all. I do this today. I will continue.

When I was recently removed as captain, and replaced as campaign leader on the 2017 Virus Hunter Campaign for being “too aggressive and uncompromising” (which just means I was playing by the rules, “old” SSCS rules I find out.)  really… I have the email!  Tossed off the Martin Sheen, I travelled to British Columbia and did my own thing.  I will be there next year, I hope they will too.

Everyone has a duty of one kind or another, or maybe more than one

I feel it is everyone’s duty to do what they feel is important. I’ve been involved with the “salmon issue” longer than SSCS and 100% support their actions assisting Dr. Alex Morton. Dr. Morton and the First Nations warriors should get everyone’s support. They are fighting the good fight in the right way and you can learn more by visiting: www.alexandramorton.ca/

These actions will continue and I hope SSCS will continue to support Dr.Morton’s efforts to get salmon farms out of BC.

For the last few years I was lucky enough to become associated with legendry Conservationist Doug Tompkins. Doug’s untimely death set me on my own path. Doug will still be remembered in one thousand years time long after little pirates like Peter Brown and Paul Watson are forgotten.  www.tompkinsconservation.org

Doug felt that some times to progress as humans, we must make a 180-degree turn… and then take a step “forward”… back to the future so to speak. The future of sustainable local food, and conservation of wilderness.  

CONFESSIONS OF AN ECO-TERRORIST – the long-awaited sequel

My new film and eco-crusade looks at the very subjects listed above. Does more money and progress win out when we become them, and allow corporate branding to quash the very innovative approach that got us this far?  My 30+ year involvement in the “Branding fight” between Paul Watson and Greenpeace taught me one thing: BRANDING KILLS WILDLIFE, while enriching individual entrepreneurs, and allowing populations to be brainwashed by controlling the media and therefore the press. This is straight out of the book of FASCISM 101.

I was brought up to QUESTION AUTHORITY… and I suggest there is no better time than now. Today with groups living inside their little social media bubble, what is really getting done? Not even a portion of what could be getting done when/if we all join forces and work together.

I am continuing to develop a project I started with Doug, GAIANetwork. It is a step back to throw support to the grassroots organizations. I pitched this idea with Paul Watson years ago but he choose a different path.

Perhaps the Greenpeace way of doing not much of anything, and depending on the “feel good” money factor to let them continue to complain, sue, sell merchandise, and do what you have to, to stay in business is the answer. It seems to be the inevitable outcome when a grassroots organization becomes a mutli-million dollar business.  Sea Shepherd’s new approach of signing on with, in my opinion, dubious third world governments to attempt projects the governments aren’t willing to do themselves is following along these very questionable lines. I am obviously not a fan, but this a topic for another day.

Beware the Corporatization of Activism

Much like President Eisenhower warned America at the end of his career: “Beware the industrial military complex”. As an ocean-activist, continuing a lifelong cause I say to all: “Beware the corporatization of activism”.

I have fought hard to keep the visual history of the eco-movement, free for all to use and peruse. If Sea Shepherd or any other eco-corporation tries to control “the story” -- beware.

If you want the public to believe and follow, turn on the cameras and let your actions speak for themselves. Don’t run and hide when the going gets tough. Stand up because it is the right thing to do. Good actions = good press. THAT IS WHAT THEPUBLIS SUPPORTS! Forget the exclusivity and let those who made history tell it.  CONFESSIONS II: “we have met the enemy…” discusses just this. Co-Produced by young female activist Elora West, I think the discussion will lead to others seeing the light. Elora was a hero in Taiji at the age of 16 and represents a new generation disgusted with wasteful bureaucracy.  We need to stand up and demand change. Demand transparency in your organizations and continue the fight where it does most good.

I guess what I really want to say that as the year comes to an end and you are looking for solid eco-donations LOOK LOCALLY! , look around you. Projects and small groups close to your home.  If you want the T-shirt and all the PR material from coffee cups to beer coolers, I can’t save you… but if the group has a larger e-commerce then operations page … then I advise that you are spending more on salaries (and who knows what) than the results you’re signing up for.  Look for and promote results. I’ve been promoting Dr. Alex Morton lately, for one, yet there are wonderful groups and outstanding, accountable and passionate individuals out there if you look. You might not get the cool T-shirt as seen on TV, but you’ll get the results.

For Wild Oceans!

The occupation continues under a barrage of bullshit.

I know that for most of us, it is easier to focus on unimportant bullshit than it is to face reality.  As one tall narcissist and one little round narcissist, both obviously with little hands have a pissing contest, and Texas is under water…. A small group of activists are making a stand for wild oceans. It’s maybe hard for the public to pay attention to right now, but these Canadian activists are fighting for something really important.  Something important to oceans worldwide!  Something important to our future… But in social media I continue to hear how the good captain Watson is selling out the whales and dolphins.   Now pay attention, I have no more time for this.

Peter Jay Brown

Peter Jay Brown

Ok, I get the “new” Sea Shepherd, and I understand survival during this dark time in America, but I have made my point and I have moved on. Hell, I have more to bitch about then any of you, but I tend to be mission oriented.  All I hear is criticism, yet the salmon occupation in Canada is happening now because of that “horrible sell out”, Paul Watson. It’s his ship… his crew, and as I see it, they are doing one hell of a job.

Earlier this summer when I wanted to be even more aggressive toward the salmon farmers, as I am sure you Paul Watson critics would have supported, I was relieved of my duties. When I tried to raise a mere 50K to buy and put a small trawler on site to support the occupiers through another NGO, I couldn’t raise a dime.  I am still not bitching. There really is no time left for human egos. The very future of wild oceans is at stake, and finally someone is standing against the tide. It is time we all support First Nation territorial rights.  No matter our differences we must all join the occupation to rid the Northwest of these pig farms of the sea….

Instead of bitching, I am still doing what I can to help. Internet criticism is easy. You go out and raise the money to support some bottomless campaign.  Give it a try… If you don’t know what to support, send me 50K I’ll buy a boat, and actually go tomorrow.

Most know me as a conservationist. I am not a vegan, …not into animal rights per say, and usually look at the big picture. Say what you will about Antarctica,  I believe that battle is mostly won thanks to Watson, and only now is it becoming symbolic. Maybe it is wise to put resources elsewhere? Have any of you pulled the financial statements for ICR? Have any of you experts looked? I have.

I discuss my feelings in my upcoming film (www.confessionsfilm.com) , but the last time I checked, the Japanese whale butchers only sold 50 dead carcasses at auction. The government spent millions to promote consumption to no avail. The Japanese public prefers MacDonald’s… Whaling is done. 

There will be pockets of inbred Cretans, mostly old island cultures like the Faeroese, but the world whale wars is over. The symbols are saved, and so that horrible Captain Watson is not surrendering to anyone. If I know Paul, and I do… he’s just repositioning his forces.  Repositioning his navy for the future, I hope.

I hope he unloads everything available at Industrial Aquaculture, starting with the salmon farms…. Oh yeah, he’s the only one there this summer fronting the protests. I am very jealous. Might I mention again that boat I’m looking at…  I’ll name it after your mom!

Taiji is the other issue I continue to be asked about it. I met Paul in 1981 in Japan where he negotiated an end to the Iki Island dolphin slaughter.  What an a-hole to save 20+ years of dolphin… The SSCS Dolphin Brigade were one of the first and longest at Taiji.  I was recently involved in discussing Taiji strategy. This is what I think.

The Taiji campaign is no longer working. The bigshot movie raised awareness and saved nothing. It almost empowered the so called fishermen, and new markets in Russia and China opened at the same time. The SSCS dolphin brigade crews could watch but do nothing to stop the slaughter. I set up a live stream from Taiji very early.  It helped a bit, but dolphin continued to die and be enslaved…. How long can we watch? Maybe in is time to go after the hotels and businesses which buy dolphin as show animals? I’m just saying… It is time to reassess for sure.

Change is very hard for organizations and individuals. But like “shit”, it happenes. New ideas are needed. Creativity and flexibility are strengths, bulk up and the big boys will thump you good. The present day Sea Shepherd is a perfect example how we cannot go blow for blow with governments. The idea of “activists as an acupuncture needle” to stir up ideas and move on, is still valid.  This is the path I am taking.

For the rest of you… Might I suggest that instead of complaining and making it someone else’s responsibility to do what is right…  get off your ass and do it your self. After a few days you will have a whole new appreciation of life at the top.  I beg you all to support Alex Morton , the First Nations’ occupiers, and Sea Shepherd in support of wild oceans. This is happening NOW!


In defense of the wild oceans:

To begin I would like to say to all, get off Paul Watson’s back about Antarctica, and concentrate on the important issues. Like the action they are running in Canada.  It’s called: Operation Virus Hunter ( www.seashepherd.org/virus-hunter/ ).

I have known Paul over 40 years, and without him, we’d all be shit out of luck. Even Greenpeace wouldn’t be around. Who stood in front of that Icebreaker???? Oh yeah, Greenpeace’s Bob Hunter and a crewmember???  Who?

Many of us followed… and I would still rather take orders from him then anyone I know. His somewhat absurd tactics over the years have gotten you eco-critics where you are today.  Jobs.  As I am sure he has pointed out, it’s tough to compete with governments and corporations over the long term. I am releasing a film on this very issue: www.confessionsfilm.com .  I have differences with Paul but…

I always say that if you stand up for what you believe, you get thumped sooner or later. Paul got thumped bigtime, but he is still running the most active eco group going. I have recently moved in another direction, some say down… but I continue to support his drive and conviction. Most of you couch potatoes and social media geeks could not stand a minute in his shoes. The man is good, but he is a man. If you’ve got a problem about going to Antarctica, you go. Call me when you leave.

Protesters gather at the Marine Harvest fish farm on Swanson Island, near Alert Bay, B.C., in a handout photo from the Facebook page Swanson Occupation.  Ernest Alfred, 36, sitting cross-legged on the right wearing a cedar bark neck ring, sits with other traditional leaders from neighbouring villages. (The Canadian Press/HO-Facebook-Swanson Occupation)

Protesters gather at the Marine Harvest fish farm on Swanson Island, near Alert Bay, B.C., in a handout photo from the Facebook page Swanson Occupation.  Ernest Alfred, 36, sitting cross-legged on the right wearing a cedar bark neck ring, sits with other traditional leaders from neighbouring villages. (The Canadian Press/HO-Facebook-Swanson Occupation)

Alex Morton, the Namgis, Tlowitsis, and Mamalilikulla First Nations people fight for wild salmon TODAY and this is the real story in this world. The introduction of salmon farms in the Northeast is important. Really big and something that you can do something about.!!!

Stop buying the stuff, its carp, really . Eat the wrapper instead, it’s probably more nutritious. Now I’m no scientist, and I don’t play one on TV, but if you live in your own shit, you don’t taste good.

Now back to the issue: The rightful owners now occupy the farm and I understand the government views it as a mere property dispute. If so, where I live, you serve an eviction notice. You evict. If it were my property a corporation put a pig farm on, I’d get rid of it pretty quick, and make sure they stay out. In America this a a property dispute… maybe whack the fish, and drag the farm to Vancouver. Show the sushi eaters what they are eating.  Time to draw the line and get the farms out NOW and for the FUTURE.

That’s what the tribes seem to be demanding, deserve,  and hell, they have territorial rights!  I’m all in, and I hope you will make their plight known. Spread the word they need helpFind out about farmed fish ( www.alexandramorton.ca )  and follow Dr. Alex Morton. She is a hero that deserves your support.

If you have a boat in the area, give more then moral support. In the past when my ass was on the line, I always liked an audience. The bigger the better.

Wild salmon are the culture, livelihood and lifeblood of the north pacific eco systems. The First Nations are on the frontlines. It is time to support those on the front lines.

I love it when a plan comes together… Other then that, I wish I was there

Peter Jay Brown

Between government promises and real “action”, I’ll throw myself against the windmills.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canda

Today the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society announced their Campaign Virus Hunter from a dock in False Creek. Martin Sheen, David Suzuki, Dr. Alex Morton and a number of First Nations Gentlemen spoke.

Last year SSCS accompanied Dr. Morton on an examination of salmon farms in the Native territories around BC. As an added bonus Hereditary and Traditional chiefs, plus tribal members went to serve an eviction notice to a Marine Harvest farm in their territory without proper First Nation permissions. In their minds, illegal! The tribe boarded the farm rafts and delivered the eviction notice. Ceremonies followed and the tribe left the farm before government officials or police arrived. All went off to celebrate victory, except the farm remained.

As a result, trespass and other minor charges were filed against participants, and SSCS got hit with a fine for operating an unlicensed drone. Dr. Morton tested the fish and surrounding areas to find tainted fish and destroyed eco-systems... big news, but not unexpected. The action was a non-event and covered as such by the mainstream media. A media dud!

In 2017 I was asked by Captain Paul Watson to try to do better. As I have been on the issue for sometime and even spent a year studying salmon farms around the world, the Sea Shepherd ship: R/V MARTIN SHEEN was a perfect platform to make a major point.

That point being that there is a reason and benefit for wild oceans. The oceans are the life blood of the planet and should be preserved, not twisted and molded to modern humanity’s whims. With the Trudeau government in Ottawa, and a new BC government, maybe, just maybe 2017 will be a break through year.

Today they leave without me. I wish them all luck as I was removed from the campaign for being too aggressive and not willing to compromise, both qualities I felt Sea Shepherd was all about. Oh yeah, I was also demanding and difficult on slackers. Probably true, for as a film person I look at campaigns as “location” not “vacation”.

You see, it was explained to me by SSCS Media person Zorianna Kit that there was now a new Sea Shepherd. The old idea of no compromise was over, and now SSCS was moving to be more mainstream, working with and for governments. I guess by keeping the pirate logo and flag, they are now happy pirates.

I am very disappointed with my ex-activist friends and colleagues. Paul Watson and others always complained that Greenpeace was the fuller brush salesman of the environmental business. By that they meant that all Greenpeace was doing is talking crap and raising money, thus giving humanity bent on destruction a “feel good” out. Greenpeace owns numerous ships, they pay canvassers, and even own buildings in Europe; how can one expect them to risk it all for a mere animal issue? I mean, aren’t there more important issues to worry about?

Well, while Greenpeace and others raised money, a number of us acted and became Sea Shepherd, the “bikers” of the eco-movement.

After a number of victories, and set backs, we are where we are at today. Instead of demanding fish farms go, and doing what it takes to make that happen, today I entered a ship adorned with banners and signs hung asking for legislative support. Legislative support...really?

As an eco dinosaur of 65, if I have learned nothing else over 40+ years, I have learned that governments won’t help. They will pay lip service , but little else. The Canadian government is up to its ass in the issue, selling leases some claim they don’t own. They ignore restrictions and real solutions because farmed salmon is a huge moneymaker. Hundreds of millions are earned by the government each year from aquaculture, and all money is good, right? For money humans can ignore most anything, and usually do. Legislators need money, and lots of it for everything from welfare to tanks. Legislators need to be elected and that means making the folks happy by spending money legal or not. If legislators have not stopped the TAR SANDS operations, then don’t hold your breath that any government will stop a cash cow like fish farms.

So where can real activists and concerned people turn?

This is a question which will be answered in the next years as groups like Sea Shepherd are either neutered, or a new paradigm emerges. There will always be ways for passionate individuals and groups to creatively fight back. Circumstances will only tell, but for centuries individual souls have stood against tyranny, alone and in groups. One only has to think of Crazy Horse, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Ghandi to name a few who... as individuals changed history.

As Sea Shepherd departs with Dr. Morton, The First Nations, and a crew of dedicated individuals, what is their mission? I, as leader, had hoped to occupy a farm and hold it, forcing the Canadian Government to deal with the real issue in court. Allow the courts to decide who owns the waters and resources of the coast? Do the citizens of Canada have a say, or do large international corporations dictate policy?

As a citizen of the human race I feel the oceans are for all species on the planet to benefit from. It is the lifeblood of the planet and the one element that might allow humans to survive into the future.

I was recently smacked down for being too aggressive and uncompromising. I was dismissed as being out of touch with today’s reality.

Maybe so, but that doesn’t change the facts that we all must stand up for the earth sooner or later. Species, and habitats are going quickly. There is little time to save what is left. The Vaquita dolphin are a great example of starting too late. First there were 100 alive, then less... and finally Sea Shepherd discovers 30 in one net. There goes the species. The government is quietly starting a captive breeding program...

Something I am sure Sea Shepherd supporters aren’t thrilled with.

What is the solution? First we have to realize that activism still exists. Although quieted by terrorism accusations, and a plethora of new laws on the books there will always be a place for righteous civil disobedience. Even the smallest form of protest can work. Who would have thought Rosa Parks would achieve world renowned for sitting in the front of the bus? I am sure Rosa didn’t, but she had the courage to do it, and the rest is history.

As humans, we respond to courage and doing what is right. Now is time for all of us to look inside and make a stand. It does not have to be a large stand, but a stand none the less. Maybe if Los Angeleans just stopped eating farmed salmon sushi? Maybe harassing Costco, Trader Joe’s and just about every other market in LA that sells farmed salmon would send a message?

I cannot tell others what to eat or how to live their lives. I can only suggest we all look at the bigger picture. Do future generations want only farmed fish to eat? Do we want empty dead oceans devoid of sharks, whales, and those notorious pests, seals? I do not.

I will continue do what ever I can to inform the ignorant, fight the villains, and try to keep a world where my grand children can live and thrive. We don’t need NGOs , groups, or organizations. Get out there and do what you believe is right. Do not be afraid... for if you stand up for what is right, you might get thumped, but you will also die a happy and fulfilled individual whose ancestors will not spit on your grave.

Salmon farms have no redeeming value except to supply sushi bars in Ohio. It is a fake health food and wild stocks are going extinct. Maybe it is time for we humans to reassess what is important, and support wild oceans like there is no tomorrow. Because, for many species, tomorrow has already come. It is not up to governments, it is up to us. 

“Save the whale, save yourselves…” It is as easy as that.

Australian Waters

As I sit here on board the Sea Shepherd ship the Steve Irwin it is strange how staring at the ocean seems to cause one to think.

I know why I am here volunteering my time... I hope to bring some sanity to humans’ innate ability to shit where they eat. I mean whaling in the 21st century? Give me a break. Whether it’s the Japanese doing it or the Australians and Americans looking the other way... this annual whale kill is ridiculous.

“Research” the Japanese ships exclaim to the world in 10 foot high lettering on the sides of their ships... in English by the way. What research? Never a scientific paper published, never a serious study done and yet their subjects are eaten after. Kind of like space aliens cooking us up after the famous anal probes we hear so much about from “the abducted”. I’m sure like the whales, I wouldn’t mind the study so much, but the dinner appointment after would upset me for sure!

And research is not cheap. It is amazing these Japanese scholars need to spend over two million dollars and kill 1000 whales to do it. Oh yeah did I mention they are researching why whales are dying... First let’s be frank, generally the whales in question are dying due to exploding harpoons. Pretty simple I would think, even for the Japanese who have shown few intelligent tendencies in the past.

I know the Japanese government is stubborn and does not accept defeat easily, but as any world war two vet can tell you, you hit them hard enough and they get the point. Historically many of their atrocities have been ignored, forgotten, or forgiven due to their growing economic might. But really does anyone born before 1940 forget or forgive when they view the Arizona Memorial? My dad never did. How will future humans view dead oceans and the disease and famine that will follow?

Well here we go again. It is December and the Japanese fleet is heading south to begin harvesting whales in an International Whale Sanctuary ... like harvesting babies in a nursery... or perhaps like clear cutting Mount Fuji to make toilet paper?

I assume they go to a sanctuary because that’s where the whales are... But really a sanctuary. I am sure the Japanese people might care if I were wiping my ass with pulp harvested from their sacred mountain? I am equally repulsed by what they do to the whales.

Well even though governments such as the US and Australia have no balls to take a stand, a small group of individuals from around the world do. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is also heading south to put an end to this whale slaughter once and for all.

In three or four weeks they’ll try to kill whales, and we’ll try to stop them. Water cannons, flash bang grenades, ships colliding, the whole nine yards... makes great TV! And the world will be watching.

But will anything change. We are out here risking everything to save a species from extinction, and corporations are making big bucks off us. I hope the whales benefit as much as Animal Planet and advertisers expecting to get rich off of our blood. And blood their might very well be as each year ups the ante with ships, action, and the occasional violence... add pretty young women, a celebrity or two and you have a hit. The world will watch, but will they care?

Hopefully even as the generation of Americans who suffered most from Japan’s past national arrogance and entitlement are dying off, a whole new generation is being brought up to hate all over again. Do the Japanese care what the rest of humanity thinks today or in the future? Perhaps they should learn from history: When Himmler was asked what future generations would think of the genocide he was ordering, he replied that if the world found out, no one would believe it. Well he was wrong and Germany will forever bear the burden of their past. Never to be forgotten...

In the case of the whales, extinction is forever, and future generations will remember. The world will finally believe too, and hopefully Japan will finally suffer the fate they seem to have escaped in the past. “Barbarians” intent on the destruction of humanity is a title that will follow them forever. Today they are marching through the world’s oceans much like they marched through China, Indonesia, and the Philippines in the 1940s. Will history forget again just because they have economic might?

Watch it on TV, read about it in the newspapers and take which ever side you like, BUT DO SOMETHING. Now is not the time to do nothing and ignore what is happening. The Southern Oceans Whale Sanctuary belongs to all of us. These are our whales. So stand up, support us, and let your government and the Japanese people know you care. If one more whale dies to protect their delicate egos, or “for the bottom line” then the Japanese are pigs and their culture, government, and economy should fail. It is important that we save the whale if we ever hope to save humanity... save the whale, save ourselves, it’s all one in the same.

Peter Brown 

A decision between the pen and the sword… I’ll go with the pen!

The Romans’ enjoyed their gladiators, as their society crumbled. Has America come to that?

When the biggest film hit of the year is about teenagers killing each other for the enjoyment of the masses... When kids around the world massacre each other daily online in video games such as Warcraft... Perhaps it is time for the world’s most idealistic and moral movement, the environmental movement to give in. Meet Pete Bethum and his holy warriors!

Backed by a slick media presentation, Pete Bethum and his heavily armed mercenaries seem intent on changing the face of a historically peaceful movement. This “eco-hero”, who first lost his ship on TV, then became a media darling when his foolishness won him time in a Japanese prison. This is our next gun-toting hero?

Have we finally gone mad as a society? Just because the man looks good in a wetsuit, has tattoos, and a high “TV Q” doesn’t mean its ok?

I have been in the eco-business for over thirty years, and have been on the front lines with activists from around the world. “Violence” against humans is and was never condoned. Anyone who has been with the movement knows the responsibility to always keep the moral high ground. Difficult as it might be, those of us involved want to win the war, and the only way to do that is to not become “them”. “Them” kills, whales, dolphins, and humans... whether directly or indirectly. From what I see, Pete Bethum is becoming “them”.

I have no real opinion of Captain Pete Bethum other than his own press. I have never served with him, and I wasn’t involved in the Ady Gil controversy. I have been to Antarctica three years as a SSCS officer, but I was not there when Pete lost his ship.

I only know the facts: Pete’s ship was rammed by a Japanese whaler, and suffered enough damage that it was lost. No one was injured as the captain and crew were on deck waving and taunting the approaching whaler. Why a ship that went 40+ knots was sitting dead in the water during a confrontation initiated by Captain Bethum is a question to be argued, and I don’t care. What I care about is how this glorious record allows this man to speak for the environmental movement. How is he morally allowed to pose and threaten “bad guys” with automatic weapons on behalf of individuals like me? The reason is, because the media loves him. He’ll make great TV!

To hell with the environment. TV means dollars, so get out the way. People love to view train wrecks, and Pete Bethum and his buddies are a giant engine heading down hill. You can bet the same folks that bring you shows glorifying the killing of near extinct species... and other “dangerous catch-type” shows, are the ones Pete is pitching.

I understand that if it “bleeds it leads” in the news, and I know people watch me on Whale Wars hoping to see me get whacked, but let’s remember: REALITY TELEVISION... two words, half is true. It is TV!

So Pete and his buddies should leave the weapons to the authorities who have the training and responsibility to use them. If they still insist on playing navy seals then they should do TV, fiction TV,... you know James Bond. Let’s leave the eco business to those with the passion and courage of their convictions, those who are smart enough to realize that it is the ECO-business, not the EGO-business.

For those catching Animal Planet’s “Viking Shores” imagine who would be more successful? Pete Bethum and his warriors blasting a shore in his war canoe killing whalers in his path, or Sea Shepherd’s Deb with her logic, persistence and charm? I’m sure TV would go with Pete, I hope we as humans are better than that.

When looking at the media, I am afraid we have met the enemy and it is us!