Donation Tuesday

With the Thanksgiving holiday in the rear view mirror, I, like others, must continue to look to the future no matter how easy it is to get mired in the past. There is still so much environmental work to do. 

As DONATION TUESDAY approaches I will be looking for local grassroots organizations and individuals to help. The more I delve into the murky politics and finances of eco corporations, the more I think Doug Tompkins had it right. When humanity hits a cliff in our development… we can blindly step off the cliff using old philosophies or turn 180 degrees and continue stepping forward. Back to the future so to speak.

It is important to think where your resources and talents can best be put to a positive use for the planet. When you are stopped by fear and indecision, move forward to make this world a better place.

No matter the obstacles I will be with you front and center. The time is now and we must take back the fight.  When avenues for success are closed down, look for new ways and avenues for success. Looking back at the many actions I’ve been involved in, I have always found some humanity in the other side. The bad guys are not always so bad. Often ignorance and misunderstandings are the thorns that will not allow compromise and understanding on either side.

In the future, I am hoping to open up dialogue with anyone, the Japanese included… I will offer ways to step back from the cliff. THE TIME IS NOW and it is up to individuals to take the lead. Stay strong and true. Remember when Pandora’s box is open, all the sins of the world escape… at the very bottom remains hope. I remain hopeful. Keep up the fight for wild oceans.