The occupation continues under a barrage of bullshit.

I know that for most of us, it is easier to focus on unimportant bullshit than it is to face reality.  As one tall narcissist and one little round narcissist, both obviously with little hands have a pissing contest, and Texas is under water…. A small group of activists are making a stand for wild oceans. It’s maybe hard for the public to pay attention to right now, but these Canadian activists are fighting for something really important.  Something important to oceans worldwide!  Something important to our future… But in social media I continue to hear how the good captain Watson is selling out the whales and dolphins.   Now pay attention, I have no more time for this.

Peter Jay Brown

Peter Jay Brown

Ok, I get the “new” Sea Shepherd, and I understand survival during this dark time in America, but I have made my point and I have moved on. Hell, I have more to bitch about then any of you, but I tend to be mission oriented.  All I hear is criticism, yet the salmon occupation in Canada is happening now because of that “horrible sell out”, Paul Watson. It’s his ship… his crew, and as I see it, they are doing one hell of a job.

Earlier this summer when I wanted to be even more aggressive toward the salmon farmers, as I am sure you Paul Watson critics would have supported, I was relieved of my duties. When I tried to raise a mere 50K to buy and put a small trawler on site to support the occupiers through another NGO, I couldn’t raise a dime.  I am still not bitching. There really is no time left for human egos. The very future of wild oceans is at stake, and finally someone is standing against the tide. It is time we all support First Nation territorial rights.  No matter our differences we must all join the occupation to rid the Northwest of these pig farms of the sea….

Instead of bitching, I am still doing what I can to help. Internet criticism is easy. You go out and raise the money to support some bottomless campaign.  Give it a try… If you don’t know what to support, send me 50K I’ll buy a boat, and actually go tomorrow.

Most know me as a conservationist. I am not a vegan, …not into animal rights per say, and usually look at the big picture. Say what you will about Antarctica,  I believe that battle is mostly won thanks to Watson, and only now is it becoming symbolic. Maybe it is wise to put resources elsewhere? Have any of you pulled the financial statements for ICR? Have any of you experts looked? I have.

I discuss my feelings in my upcoming film ( , but the last time I checked, the Japanese whale butchers only sold 50 dead carcasses at auction. The government spent millions to promote consumption to no avail. The Japanese public prefers MacDonald’s… Whaling is done. 

There will be pockets of inbred Cretans, mostly old island cultures like the Faeroese, but the world whale wars is over. The symbols are saved, and so that horrible Captain Watson is not surrendering to anyone. If I know Paul, and I do… he’s just repositioning his forces.  Repositioning his navy for the future, I hope.

I hope he unloads everything available at Industrial Aquaculture, starting with the salmon farms…. Oh yeah, he’s the only one there this summer fronting the protests. I am very jealous. Might I mention again that boat I’m looking at…  I’ll name it after your mom!

Taiji is the other issue I continue to be asked about it. I met Paul in 1981 in Japan where he negotiated an end to the Iki Island dolphin slaughter.  What an a-hole to save 20+ years of dolphin… The SSCS Dolphin Brigade were one of the first and longest at Taiji.  I was recently involved in discussing Taiji strategy. This is what I think.

The Taiji campaign is no longer working. The bigshot movie raised awareness and saved nothing. It almost empowered the so called fishermen, and new markets in Russia and China opened at the same time. The SSCS dolphin brigade crews could watch but do nothing to stop the slaughter. I set up a live stream from Taiji very early.  It helped a bit, but dolphin continued to die and be enslaved…. How long can we watch? Maybe in is time to go after the hotels and businesses which buy dolphin as show animals? I’m just saying… It is time to reassess for sure.

Change is very hard for organizations and individuals. But like “shit”, it happenes. New ideas are needed. Creativity and flexibility are strengths, bulk up and the big boys will thump you good. The present day Sea Shepherd is a perfect example how we cannot go blow for blow with governments. The idea of “activists as an acupuncture needle” to stir up ideas and move on, is still valid.  This is the path I am taking.

For the rest of you… Might I suggest that instead of complaining and making it someone else’s responsibility to do what is right…  get off your ass and do it your self. After a few days you will have a whole new appreciation of life at the top.  I beg you all to support Alex Morton , the First Nations’ occupiers, and Sea Shepherd in support of wild oceans. This is happening NOW!